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Albania2 entries

Algeria3 entries

Anguilla2 entries

Antigua & Barbuda2 entries

Argentina6 entries

Armenia3 entries

Aruba4 entries

Australia27 entries

Austria21 entries

Azerbaijan2 entries

Bahamas15 entries

Bangladesh4 entries

Barbados2 entries

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Belize11 entries

Bermuda3 entries

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Botswana3 entries

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Cabo Verde1 entry

Cambodia2 entries

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Cayman Islands6 entries

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China17 entries

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Cook Islands10 entries

Costa Rica7 entries

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Cuba6 entries

Curaçao2 entries

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El Salvador1 entry

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Luxembourg2 entries

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Malta8 entries

Mauritius3 entries

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Middle-Earth2 entries

Moldova2 entries

Molvanîa1 entry

Montenegro9 entries

Montserrat1 entry

Morocco1 entry

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