Golubinsky Proval

Pinega Caves

Useful Information

Location: Pinezhsky Nature Reserve, near Golubino. At the road Arkhangelsk-Mezen, 188 km from Arkhangelsk.
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: headlamp provided
Guided tours:
Address: Intourist-Arkhangelsk JSC, 7 Pomorskaya st., office 325, 163000, Arkhangelsk, Tel: +7-8182-201820, Tel: +7-8182-201883, Fax: +7-8182-462947, Mobile: +7-960-007-0000. E-mail: contact
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Golubinsky Proval (Funnel of Golubino) is the best accessible cave of the Golubino karst area at the Pinezhsky Nature Reserve. The 385 caves of this area have a length of together some 120 kilometers. This cave is entered down a collapse doline which looks like a huge funnel, hence the name. A trail with wooden stairs leads down the entrance doline and through the cave which is otherwise undeveloped. The entrance is a cold trap because of its form and the first room called Santa Claus Cavern because of the thick layers on floor and walls.

Despite the semi-developed state of the cave the tour is a cave trekking tour and requires stooping and crawling. The visitors are equipped with camouflage clothes, obviously former military clothes, rubber boots and helmets with headlamp. The cave tour is one of the highlights of the developing tourist destination. The center is the Tourist Complex Golubino on the bank of the river Pinega, the new forest hotel "Golubino". Other available activities are white water rafting, fishing, camping in the reserve, and mountaineering. Nearby is the winter sport center Krasnaya gorka (Red Hill).