Grotte Château de La Roche Courbon

Les grottes préhistoriques

Useful Information

Location: North of Saint-Porchaire, near the Château de La Roche Courbon
Open: JAN Sat 10-12, 14-17:30, Sun 14-17:30.
FEB to JUN Mon-Sat 10-12, 14-17:30, Sun 14-17:30.
JUL to AUG daily 10-12, 14-19.
SEP to DEC Mon-Sat 10-12, 14-17:30, Sun 14-17:30.
Closed 25-DEC, 01-JAN.
Fee: Adults EUR 9, Children (7-14) EUR 5, Children (0-3) free.
Groups (+): Adults EUR 6.75, Children (7-14) EUR 5.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided
Address: La Roche Courbon, 17250 Saint-Porchaire, Tel: +33-546-956010, Fax: +33-546-956522. E-mail: contact
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14-SEP-2007 discovery of an engraved plaque.


The Grotte Château de La Roche Courbon (Caves of the Chateau La Roche Courbon) are numerous rather small caverns located south of the castle at the foot of a limestone cliff. The caves were used by prehistoric man and numerous remains were found in the caves, hence the caves are often referenced as les grottes préhistoriques. The caves are located on the grounds of the Château de La Roche Courbon and accessible only on a (self-guided) visit to the gardens. The given entrance fee is for the visit of the castle including the garden. There is also a ticket for the garden only, but it is not remarkably cheaper.

The caves were inhabited in palaeolithic times during the Mousterian, Aurinacian and Magdalenian periods, from 120,000 to 10.000 BC. The discoveries are on display in the museum of prehistoric objects in the keep. It may be visited self-guided. A rather recent discovery is an engraved plaque which was found by two amateur speleo-archeologists in the Triangle cave.