Admiral's Cave

Useful Information

Location: Hamilton Parish.
Open: Closed, a former show cave.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: None, bring your own.
Dimension: L=500 m with 50 m underwater.
Guided tours:
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1819 speleothems shipped home as souvenirs by a British Admiral.
1864 David Milne Home calculated the age of a 3 metre high stalagmite at 600,000 years.
1990s Smithsonian Museum discovery fossil bird bones dating back several hundred thousands of years.


One of the largest dry caves on the island with a large sinkhole entrance and two smaller entrances. There are still many concrete paths left in the cave from its commercial days, but they have suffered badly from vandalism. There are five small lakes which connect with the sea and show tidal action. Profusely decorated with speleothems it warrants opening up to the public again although the nearby quarry could well destroy the cave unless the authorities take quick action to preserve the cave.

Text by Tony Oldham (2003). With kind permission.

This cave was named after a British Admiral, wo completed his tour of duty here. He had troops shipping speleothems home as a souvenir, among them a nearly 4m high stalagmite. 44 years later the son of the Admiral, David Milne Home, visited the cave also. He saw, that a few milimeters of limestone had grown on the suface of the stump and extrapolated, that it would take 600,000 years to grow it to its former glory.

The cave is one of the bigger ones and was once full of impressive speleothems. It once housed the only dog-tooth spar crystals in Bermuda. But since the cave was abandoned as a show cave, a century ago, it was heavily damaged by vandalism.