Cova Cala Varques

Cova del Pont - Cova des Pont - Puente Natural

Useful Information

Location: Cala Varques, Mallorca. Coastal road PMV-4015 between Cala Anguila-Cala Mendia and Cales de Mallorca. Footwalk from Cala Varques parking lot 1 km.
(39.500335581083945, 3.2999326205001998)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: n/a.
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
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The Cala Varques is a public beach located at the eastern coast of Mallorca between the two towns Cala Anguila-Cala Mendia and Cales de Mallorca. Following the coastal road PMV-4015 there is a parking lot for the beach and a trail to the sea. The beach is in a cove surrounded by limestone cliffs. The northern side contains numerous caves.

Cova Cala Varques, which is also called Cova del Pont or Puente Natural, is a partly collapsed cave which forms a spectacular natural bridge. It can be reached on three ways: by swimming from the beach if you are a good swimmer, by boat, and by walking acoss the head from the beach. We recommend the last one, because it offers the most spectacular view, the Mediterranean Sea through the natural arch. And as it faces the east, it is most spectacular at sunrise. Tourists are not awake that early, so it has also the benefit that you are normally alone.

The cave is a little tricky to reach, because it is located on private property. The direct approach would be to drive to the end of the road and walk a few hundred meters to the beach. Unfortunately the road from the public road to the beach is private property, and after tourists illegally used the road and parked along the road and hindered the farm work, the owner has finally closed the road with a gate. The tour operators for Cova des Coloms have a contract with the owner, so you can see the cave on their excursion. The alternative requires about 50 minutes walking. There are public trails along the coast which are rather rough and not well maintained, but it is possible to do a long walk along the coast with numerous great views.