Rio Frio Caves

Useful Information

Location: Augustine, Mountain Pine Ridge. On the Chiquibul Road. Cayo District.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: none
Guided tours:
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10-FEB-2009 a guided tour with four participants robbed by armed men.


Rio Frio Cave has the largest cave entrance of Belize. The strangest feature of this cave are sulfur deposited colored stones and large stalactites that seem to be sweating water droplets.

The cave became infamous internationally after a cave tour with four tourists, guided by Everald Tut, was robbed by five masked, armed men, believed to be Guatemalans. The men wore black clothes and black ski masks, and were armed with black pump action shotguns. The tourists and guide lost all their valuables, but fortunately no one was hurt. Several years ago, after a series of deadly attacks in the surrounding area, local police was amplified and Belize Defence Force soldiers stationed near Cayo tourist sites. This is the first major incident reported since then.

A mile from Augustine there is a cluster of caves in a rainforest. The entrance to Río Frío Cave is over 20 m high. There are many spectacular rock formations and sandy beaches. Nearby is the Cuevas Gemelas Nature Trail leading to some more caves (signposted).

Text by Tony Oldham (2004). With kind permission.