Bekiris Cave - Mpekiri

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Location: On Spetses aka Spetsai Island, at the south western coast near the village Agii Anargyri/Aghioi Anargyroi. Perfecture of Attica. At the right side of Agioi Anargyroi beach, accessible from land, signposted.
Classification: sea cave?
Light: none
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1770 used as refuge from Muslim revenges.
1821 used as a hideout by the fighters of the Greek War of Independence.


The beach of Agios Anargyroi is the most popular destination on Spetses, as it has several advantages: it has a beach with some shady places, a good taverna and a cave. It is only a short walk to Bekiris Cave on the right side of the beach. The name Bekiris is Turkish and dates back to an attack which happened in 1770. Muslims from Albania came to take revenge on the people of Spetses for siding with Russia during the war. The women and children of the island took refuge in the cave.