Сугомакская пещера

Sugomak Pestera - Sugomakskaya Cave - Sugomak Cave - Marble Cave

Useful Information

sign to the cave and the Mt Sugomak. Picture taken by Anthony Ivanoff and released into public domain.
Location: Near Kyshtym
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave in marble
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:
Address: Sugomak Pestera.
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entrance of Sugomak Cave. Picture taken by Anthony Ivanoff and released into public domain.

Sugomak Pestera is named after Mount Sugomak, where it is located on the eastern slope. The mountain overlooks Ozero Sugomak (Sugomak Lake) and the city of Kyshtym behind. The cave is formed in marble which is rather exceptional for the Ural. The cave is the main sight in the area, probably because of its location close to a big city and to a nice outlook. Unfortunately this caused some vandalizm of the cave, like the graffitty at the entrance. The cave is rather small, with three subsequent chamber, the last of which is partly filled with water.

The cave is also popular with all kinds of esoteric weirdos. There are urban legends about scientists which discovered three egg-shaped artefacts from the cave, 8 m below sedimentary layers, others tell of a possible ufo land or crash site. And there is the the story of Alyoshenka, the Kyshtym dwarf. A dwarf liek creature appeared in Kyshtym in the late 1990s and lived for some time in the hous of a mad woman. One of the stories tells about dwarfs living in this cave or another cave of the mountain. However, there is another story which is less funny, about the nuclear power plant on the other side of Kyshtym. There are rather serious stories about an nuclear accident which took place some years ago and was withhold.