Водна Пещера "Голубовица"

Golubovitsa Cave - Golubovitsa Water Cave - пещера „Голубовица 2” - Пещера „Гарваньовица“ - Garvanovitsa Cave

Useful Information

Location: 3 km northeast of Mogilitsa village.
Rhodope Mountains. 37 km from Pamporovo, 47 km from Chepelare.
(41.515294, 24.666666)
Open: Only after appointment one day in advance.
Fee: Golubovitsa 2: Adults BGN 20.
Zip Line: Adults BGN 5.
Via Ferrata: Adults BGN 15.
Canyoning Esenska river: Adults BGN 30.
Canyoning and Garvanovitsa Cave: Adults BGN 40.
Groups (5-15): Adults BGN 32.
Classification: SpeleologyRiver Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: Golubovitsa 2: D=3 h, Min=4.
Canyoning and Garvanovitsa Cave: D=3 h, Min=4.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Клуб по Спелеология и Екстремен Туризъм "Мурсалица", гр. Смолян, ж.к."Нов Център", ул."Перелик" No.12, вх."Б", ет.2, ап.16, гр. Смолян 0301 85889 E-mail:
Алекси (Alexi), Tel: +359-878-450800.
Сашо (Sasho), Tel: +359-889-293070.
Golubovitsa Cave & Garga Dere path, 4769 Smilyan, Tel: +359-87-853-5331.
As far as we know this information was accurate when it was published (see years in brackets), but may have changed since then.
Please check rates and details directly with the companies in question if you need more recent info.



Водна Пещера "Голубовица" (Golubovitsa Water Cave) or пещера „Голубовица 2” ("Golubovitsa 2" Cave) is not far form the show cave Ухловица (Uhlovitsa, Owl Cave). 600 m down the road is a parking lot from which the Garga Dere Trail starts. After about ten minutes walk uphill along the Garga Dere brook, the entrance to the cave is reached, where this brook springs. The cave is a river cave and is visited on cave trekking tours with rubber boats. This part of the cave is also called неблагоустроената пещера (treadmill cave).

A second interesting tour starts from Golubovitsa 2 cave, includes an hour and a half canyoning through the gorge of the Esenska river. Finally, the пещера „Гарваньовица“ (Garvanovitsa Cave) is reached and visited. The 100 m long cave has numerous cave lakes during the rainy season and is notable for extremely white formations. There are also пещерно мляко (cave milk) or moonmilk formations.

The Проходна Пещера "калето" (Passage Cave "Kaleto") is located at nearby and is a huge through cave. Near the town Koshnitsa is a hill with the ruined Kaleto Fortress on top. Normally the tourists stop at the road in the valley below and climb a wooden outlook tower at the road to get a view if the ruined castle. On this tour the group climbs the hill on a steep trail, walks through the cave to the top of the hill and visits the fortress. Then there is the possibility to do some climbing or at the huge cave portal.

The tours are offered by thw Клуб по Спелеология и Екстремен Туризъм "Мурсалица" (Mursalitsa Speleology and Extreme Tourism Club). Participants are equipped with overalls and life jacket, anoraks, rubber boots, helmets and headlamps. The fee includes the guides, the equipment, and the insurance. We suggest bringing own equipment if you have, additional lamps, clothes to change afterwards, a towel, plastic bags for the wet and dirty stuff. They also offer a via ferrata and a zipline at the same location. The tours must be booked at least one day in advance, three or four days are better. There are no regular tours.