Torghatten Cave

Useful Information

Location: Thorgatten near Brønnøysund
Open: no restrictions [2006]
Fee: free [2006]
Classification: Speleologysea cave Through Cave
Light: n/a
Guided tours:
Bibliography: David St. Pierre (1994): A preliminary bibliography of Torghatten cave, Norway, Norsk Grotteblad nr.29, Dec 1994, pp 18-19.
Address: Torghatten, Tel: +47-, Fax: +47-,
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Torghatten Cave is a huge through cave, running right through the monolithic Torghatten mountain. It is located on a peninsula near Brønnøysund, and very famous among Norway tourists. It is a special place, with an impressive aura, the view from inside the cave is exceptional. Even the Hurtigruten, the Norwegian post ship company, uses the place in a flyer, showing the cave in a photograph of one of their ships right in front of the cave.

This place is not developed at all, but it is very easy to visit. Because of its size, there is no place without light, and there is a trail to the cave and through the cave to the other side. However, during the summer holiday season, it is rather hard to be on your own for a few minutes, as it is visited by most foreigners which come to this area. The hardest thing is to get to Brønnøysund, which is very remote.