Grotte du Clos del Pous

Grotte du Cenac

Useful Information

Location: 17 Chem. de Cénac, 12310 Laissac-Sévérac l'Église.
(44.3830660, 2.8276939)
Open: AUG daily 14, only after appointment.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: headlamp provided.
Dimension: L=3,000 m, A=590 m asl.
Guided tours:
Bibliography: Bernard, Loiseleur (): Inventaire du Causse de Séverac et de ses marges, CDS12.
C. Rigal (1990): Présentation des principales cavites du Causse de Laissac-Séverac (Aveyron), Karstologia, 16, pp. 9-16.
Address: Office de Tourisme du Laissagais, 1 avenue de Rodez, 12310 Laissac, Tel: +33-565-707130. E-mail: contact
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03-SEP-1981 discovered by Christian Rigal from the Club Spéléo de la MJC de Rodez.
10-OCT-1981 cave explored.


The Grotte du Clos del Pous is a semi wild cave which is regularly guided as a show cave. The tour is offered by the Office de Tourisme du Laissagais and guided by cavers of the Club Spéléo de la MJC de Rodez. Participants must be at last 10 years old and in good physical fitness. The tour shows the central passages of the cave.

The Grotte du Clos del Pous is the most important cave of the Causse de Séverac. It was discovered in 1981, but has been subject to pollution during the last years and was closed for many years. The problem with the pollution was solved some years ago, and the caving club decided to clean the cave. Additionally, the entrance was secured with a concrete well with a diameter of one meter and an iron ladder. There is a gate, which is locked, visitors are asked to contact the tourist information. The entrance is located on private property, trespassing is allowed as long as the grazing cows are not disturbed and the cars are parked correctly.