Grotte de la Pontoise

Useful Information

Location: Villard-sur-Bienne, Jura.
From La Rixouse follow road D437 2.5 km towards Château-des-Prés. Turn left on forestry road.
(46.490895, 5.907773)
Open: no restrictions.
Various guides: all year after appointment.
Fee: free.
Various guides: see websites.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: none, bring own equipment.
Dimension: L=320 m, VR=71 m.
Guided tours: self guided. L=120 m, W=20 m, H=20 m.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Bibliography: La grotte de la Pontoise, Comité Départemental de Spéléologie du Jura pdf
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Noa Guides, 6 rue des Anémones, 25240 Gellin, Tel: +33-632-802317. E-mail:
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1990 developed by the Comité Départemental de Spéléologie du Jura.
26-MAY-1991 opened to the public.


Grotte de la Pontoise is a mostly natural cave open to the public. The cave was developed by the Comité Départemental de Spéléologie du Jura, in an agreement with the Parc Naturel du Haut-Jura. It was developed as much as necessary and signposted to make it safe for visitors, at the entrance a board with explanatory text was installed. In the six meters deep entrance pit, an iron ladder was installed. Inside the cave luminescent signs help the visitors to find their way. After the entrance pit the main passage leads continually downwards to a huge chamber called Salle de la Grande Coullee. From here a narrow passage continues to the end of the cave with the deepest point 71 m below the entrance. The descent is continual and there are no spots with require climbing, nevertheless some physical fitness is required.

The visit is not really difficult, but appropriate clothing, good walking shoes or gum boots, helmet and headlight, and a second lamps, are necessary. Bring clothes to change afterwards, water and a towel, and a plasic bag for the dirty equipment. It is possible to visit the cave on your own, but please make sure you respect the necessary security rules. The visit is a true caving tour, although an easy one for beginners. If you prefer a visit with a guided tour, there are three cave trekking operators which offer tours after appointment.