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Location: Balsorano, high above the village to the east, at the foot of a cliff.
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave. SubterraneaCave Church SubterraneaSt. Michael Caves
Light: bring torch
Dimension: A=916 m asl.
Guided tours:
Address: Tel: +39-0
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1296 first written mention in a bull by pope Boniface VIII.


The village Balsorano is located between two mountain ridges. The eastern ridge is the location of Sant'Angelo, a cave church located inside a natural cave at the foot of steep cliff, high above the village. The entrance is 3 m high and 10 m wide and closed by a huge gate. Inside are two levels of chapels and altars connected by two staircases.

The age of the church is unknown, the first written mention is a bull by Pope Boniface VIII from 1296. It tells that the church was passed from the monks of the order of St. Benedict to the diocese of Sora. This fact implies, that the church existed some time before.

According to legend the place was founden by a hermit named Angelo in 1200. He had committed a murder, but he regretted this and went to this remote place to do penance. Soon he was visited by numerous pilgrims.

The cave church is closed by a huge gate, and there is an impressive monastery building in front of the cave. We could not find any information if any of them has scheduled open hours. But the cave is closed by iron bars and the cave church can be seen very well from the other side.