Barranco de Guayadeque

Canyon of Guayadeque

Useful Information

Location: Near Agüimes, 14 km south of Telde, Gran Canaria, Canarias.
Classification: volcanic rocks, natural and artificial.
Light: electric/none.
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The Barranco de Guayadeque is a spectacular canyon that stretches from the coast near Agüimes to the island's center. As the valley deepens, the banana plantations are replaced by palm trees and cacti.

After 3 km, on the left side, is the new Archaeological Museum.

After 5 km, the Cuevas Bermejas (Purple Caves) are the first sign that once a Guanche population was living here. These caves are still inhabited nowadays. The church is in a rather new artificial cave.

The canyon walls rise to a height of 300 m. After 8 km the road ends at the Montaña de las Tierras. Here are several cave housings. Rather new is a large cave restaurant. You can book coach tours to this restaurant in all tourist centers.