Useful Information

Location: Grellingen, Bezirk Laufen, Kantons Basel.
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:
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The Chessiloch is a small cave, a sort of abri, located in the valley of the Birs river, only a few hundred meters upriver and on the other side of the Birs. Right where the railroad crosses the river, there is series of limestone cliffs created by the erosion of the river. The cave is a small river cave, created by the same forces. It is just big enough to accommodate a wooden desk and benches and make a pretty good picknick spot. The rock beneath the cave was decorated with the heraldic symbols of nearby towns, the Kanton and others.

This fine spot is completed by several other caves, located in the Kaltbrunnental, a side valley upriver and then to the left. Following the gravel road upwards there is first the Heidenküche on the left side. A small and narrow cleft cave, which is quite high enough to stand upright. Further up on the right side is the Kohlerhöhle. Again further up on the left side is the Kastelhöhle on the foot of the cliff. It is a cave created by the faster erosion of a soft layer, and therefore it is pretty wide but not very high, and follows the layers of the rock. And further up is still another small cave. The Kaltbrunnental is a nice spot for a day trip, and ideal for a hike with children, who will find interesting spots to explore on every 100 m meters.