Cueva del Tigre

Useful Information

Location: At the Rio Quequén Salado. 68 km east of Coronel Dorrego at the road between Oriente and Balneario Marisol.
(-38.834142, -60.535271)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyTufa Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Municipalidad de Coronel Dorrego, Av. Fuertes 630, Coronel Dorrego, Tel: +54-2921-457011. E-mail:
Oficina De Turismo Coronel Dorrego, 9 de Julio y Av. Santagada, Coronel Dorrego, Tel: +54-2921-405885. E-mail:
Oficina De Turismo Marisol, Tucumán e/ Rosario y Santa Fé, Marisol, Tel: +54-2983-495927. E-mail:
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Cueva del Tigre is located at the Rio Quequén Salado. The deposit of tufa from the limestone rich water created a natural ford through the river. It also created numerous small tufa caves. Before the bridge was built to the north, this place was used by travellers and carts to cross the river. According to local lore, Felipe Pascual Pacheco, a gaucho matrero known as El Tigre del Quequén (The Tiger of Quequén), took refuge in one of the cave in 1860. He robbed the travelers when they were not able to flee while crossing the ford. For some historians he was simply a rural bandit, for others he was a sort of "Robin Hood" of the pampas. In 1875, he was captured by the commissioner Luis Aldaz known as Gorra Colorada (Red Cap). There are other caves in Argentina with the same name for the same reason.

The caves are quite small, have a flat floor and are very easy to visit. There is an educational sign explaining the history and legend.