Šarkania diera

Useful Information

Location: Near Súľov-Hradná, Bytča.
From the restaurant Koliba pod skalami at the end of the town, 1 km walk along the brook. The cave is uphill, the steep section is equipped with iron ladders.
(49.181340, 18.606196)
Open: MAY to NOV no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:  
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Šarkania diera, 013 52 Súľov-Hradná
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1994 declared a natural monument.


Šarkania diera (Snake hole) is a cave ruin. A karst cave which developed mostly along a vertical crack and has a lenticular form was finally reached by surface erosion. The retrograde erosion of the valley cut off a part of the cave and there is now a huge entrance portal. The lower prt of the cave is filled with sediments like clay and gravel and forms a flat floor. The ceiling is the upper end of the lenticular profile, narrow, pointy and high, like a gothic arch. And even this is almost reached by surface erosion, which cause numerous opening in the tip of the arch. This situation gives the Šarkania diera a church like appearance.

The cave is accessible and very easy to visit, as the floor is level. It is also rather small, there is only a single chamber, which gets daylight from the entrance and the karst windows, so torches are actually not required. The best way to reach it is by starting at the hamlet Súľov-Hradná, at the northern end is the restaurant Koliba pod skalami. Just park here and follow the farm road along the brook. At the end of the valley a marked trail leads up to the cave, on steep parts there are iron ladders on the ground. It is not very difficult but slippery during wet weather, so we recommend a visit on a dry day. The walk to the cave is a little more than a kilometer, some 20 minutes, the whole return trip probably an hour. And there are refreshments available right at your parked car.