Sawa-i-Lau Caves

Blue Lagoon's Limestone Caves

Useful Information

Location: On Sawa-i-Lau island, off Yasawa island, north west Fiji. Near Nabukeru village.
Open: no restrictions
Fee: Adults FJ$ 10.
Local guide: Adults FJ$ 3.
Classification: SpeleologyLimestone cave
Guided tours: D=5 h (including 90 min flight)
Address: Coral Air, PMB, Nadi Airport, Fiji Islands, Tel: +679-724-490. Fax: +679-725-490. E-mail: contact
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The Sawa-i-Lau Caves are limestone caves located on a Fiji Island called Sawa-i-Lau or Sawailau, which is a small island off the southern tip of Yasawa Island. They are famous for being one location for the movie The Blue Lagoon from 1980 with Brooke Shields.

There are three different caves. The main cave has a huge chamber with a deep pool and the highlight of every visit is to swim inside the cave between limestone walls. There are inscriptions on the wall which have been examined by archaeologists. It is easily accessible, but it is necessary to swim into the cave. When the tide is high, you must dive under a rocky curtain and swim through an underwater tunnel. However, the water is clear and at 24 °C only two degree cooler than the Pacific Ocean outside. There are two chambers, first the tall atrium of the outer cave lit by a huge opening in the ceiling, then the 20 m long inner sanctum, which has a low ceiling.

The second cave is Qara ni Bukete (Pregnancy Cave), named so because it does not allow any woman who is trying to hide she is pregnant. And finally there is Qara ni Kasivi (Spitting Cave).

Visits to the caves are offered by several tour operators, typically as part of a day trip or an island cruise. And it is possible to hire a guide at the village of Nabukeru. The caves are not closed, but it is recommended to take a guide, as it is not easy to find them. Beneath the main chamber there are numerous small caves which are visited best by boat. However, the cave visits have been a little commercialized during the last years and so there are official guides waiting when tour boats arrive.

Around the caves are strange and mystic limestone formations, which are a sight of their own.