Balek Sulfur Caves

Useful Information

Location: Balek Wildlife Sanctuary. 20 km from Madang, on Madang Ramu Hwy. Turn left at sign.
Fee: Adults K2.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Guided tours:
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Balek Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its wildlife, the enormous weath of fish and the sulfur caves. This site has been used for several film sets including Robinson Crusoe and James Bond. And while the Robinson Crusoe movie is said to be rather bad, the location is really impressive.

There are two streams which join in the reserve, one is a freshwater stream, the other on is sulfur water. The sulfur stream spring is a cave, which is said to be the home of a huge snake. Visitors have to ask the snake to let them in, otherwise it will block the way. The cave is waterfilled and only thin people fit in.