Kazumura Cave

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Useful Information

Location: Puna District, Hawai'i, Big Island.
Open: By appointment, most days of the year.
Fee: Adults $10, Children (8) $10.
Classification: Speleologylava tube
Light: electric torches, cap lamps, provided by the guide
Dimension: L=61,420 m, VR=1,101 m.
Guided tours: L=1,000-3,000 m, VR=100 m D=1-5 h.
Bibliography: IUS Com. on Volcanic Caves News #13
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Address: Harry Shick, General Delivery, Keaau, Hawai'i 96749, Tel: +1-808-967-7208.
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1300-1650 forming of the caves.
22-SEP-1995 Kazumura Cave and Olaa Cave connected by Kevin Allred and Mike Shambaugh.
1996 cave opened to the public on cave trekking tours.


Pele's Cascade. © Rob Ratkowski

Kazumura Cave is a very recent discovery. In the mid 1990s several known lava tubes and some new discoveries were connected to one big cave. So today Kazumura Cave is the longest lava tube of the world, more than 60 km long.

Below Pakalolo. © Rob Ratkowski

It is the deepest cave of the USA and the eighth longest. The second deepest cave of the USA is still a lava tube of Hawai'i, Huehue Cave. This statistic is rather impressive, although a comparison with karst caves is not very useful.

A through trip from the Progress of Man entrance near Volcano National Park to the lowest entrance in Paradise Park near Hilo takes two days. Such a trip includes 17 rope drops and 50 km of traverse. On the tours provided by Harry Shick, the visitors see three kilometers of the cave without any drops. Still such an adventure takes five hours.

This cave is rather young, the lawa flow and the forming of the caves happened only about 350 to 700 years ago. The tube contains all kinds of lava formations, like lava Falls, lava blades, tubular lava stalactites, stretched lava, and lava plunge pools.

We first added Kazumura Cave to showcaves.com, because of the enormous size of this cave. At this time no part of it was open to the public. In between Harry Shick started tours to one of the prime areas of the Kazumura system. He offers any kind of tours, from an 1 hour walking trip to an 8 hour technical trip.

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