Zelške jame

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the cave branch between the dolines and Rak spring.
Location: Near Postojna.
Open: Sumer daily after appointment. [2003]
Fee: Dry tour: Per Person SIT 1,000.
Boat tour: Per Person SIT 5,000.
Classification: Several Poljes with caves, springs and sink holes.
Light: none, bring electric torch.
Dimension: L=4,742 m, H=504 m asl.
Guided tours: Dry tour: D=90 min, 4-10 Persons.
Boat tour: D=3 h, 2-10 Persons.
Bibliography: Sandro Sedran (2006): Speleo Per Tutti, Escusioni in facili grotte del nord-est italiano e Slovenia / Proposte per un nuovo tipo di escursionismo e spunti di accompagnamento per i gruppi speleologici 256 pp, 265 colour photos, ISBN 8889562099. EUR 19, published by the author: Sandro Sedran, Via Nazionale 259/5, 30034 Mira, (VE), Italy E-mail: contact
Address: Janez Zakrajšek, Tel: +386-31-541-910.
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a cave trekking tour on the way to Zelske Jame.

Zelške jame is part of the Rakov Škocjan Nature Reserve. The cave is accessible by public footpaths, and it is possible to visit the first part of the cave and walk from one polje to another as one of the footpaths crosses the caves in between. This cave is fun to discover and shows many rare and interesting karst features. The speleothems are little, mostly of moonmilk.

The cave is part of a huge cave system which already started to collapse. Several parts of the cave are valleys today, called Polje. Other, very short parts of the cave are called natural bridges. Some of the longer parts of the system connect the valleys and allow to follow the river to the next polje.

At the eastern end of the dolines, the true start of the Zelške jame cave system is closed by a iron gate. This part of the cave, a cave system of more than four kilometers length, may be visited on cave trekking tours. The are two trips, one to the dry part of the cave, another to the river part done by boat. Professional caver equipment, including overall, helmet, headlight and boots are provided. Trips may be booked by telephone or at the Rakov Hotel.

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