Krásnohorská Jaskyna

Krasnohorska Cave - Buzgo Jaskyna

Useful Information

Location: Meeting place: at the "BUZGÓ" bar in Krásnohorská Dlhá Lúka.
Open: 15-JUN to 15-SEP daily 9, 11:30, 14.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: none
Guided tours:  
Address: Slovakian Karst Speleological Guide Service (SGS), RNDr. Jaroslav Stankoviè, Edelényska 10, 048 01 Rožòava, Tel.: +421-942-7343426, +421-905-412048, E-mail: contact.
Karol Csevlényi, Letná 340, 049 11 Plešivec, Tel.: +421-903-303353
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1964 discovered by Rožnava cavers.


Krásnohorská Cave is an undeveloped cave which was discovered by Rožnavan cavers. When they discovered the biggest stalagmite in the cave they named it the stalagmite of the Roznava speleologists. The 32.6 m high stalagmite appeared once in the Guinness Book of Records, as it was called the biggest stalagmite in the world. Probably it was the highest stalagmite in the world when it was discovered in 1964, but today several stalamite around 70 m are known. More interesting is actually the fact that the stalagmite stands on the ruins of its probably even larger predecessor, that collapsed long ago in an earthquake.

Krásnohorská Cave is a river cave with a small cave river. It is guided by cavers of the Rožnavan caving club on cave trekking trips. To allow safe crossing of the cave river rope bridges and wooden bridges were installed.