Caleta Negra

Cuevas de Ajuy - Ajuy Caves

Useful Information

Location: 2 km north of Ajuy, west coast.
(28.403510, -14.155510)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: Speleologysea cave
Light: non, bring torch.
Dimension: L=600 m.
Guided tours: self guided
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The Caleta Negra (Black Bay) is north of Ajuy, it is reached by foot on a well maintained coastal trail. It starts at the northern end of the bay of Puerto de la Peña, and follows the cliff. After about half a kilometre, 10 minutes walk, is a famous outlook, which shows views of the coast, the sea, and the caves. There are walls and ruins, which are the remains of lime kilns.

This is one of the few places on the Canarian islands, where limestone is found. The volcanic islands generally do not have this kind of sedimentary rocks. But as limestone and especially lime and cement are important for many purposes, the limestone here was mined, burned to lime and exported from the nearby quay towards other islands, especially Gran Canaria. The lime export ended in the 19th century, but the lime burning continued to the mid 20th century. The limestone of this area is extremely pure and thus rather valuable.

The caves of this bay, numerous huge entrance portals, are open for visitors, a narrow trail goes down to the sea and the caves. It is rather easy to find the huge entrance and visit the 600 m long horizontal cave. Good shoes and lamps, probably more lamps than people, are a good idea. And of course someone outside who knows where you are and will call the rescue if you do not come back. If this sounds too dangerous, you may ask in one of the nearby restaurants for a guide. The locals often guide visitors into the cave, and a tip is much appreciated.