Grutas de Xoxafi

Grutas Xoxafi - Xoxafi Caves

Useful Information

Location: Domicilio Conocido S/N El Palmar, 42623 Santiago de Anaya, Hidalgo.
(20.388347, -99.027515)
Open: Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat, Sun 9-19.
Last entry 2 h before closing.
Fee: Basic Tunnel: Adults MXP 220.
Extreme Tunnel: Adults MXP 320.
Adventure Tunnel: Adults MXP 280.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Guided tours: Basic Tunnel: VR=50 m, D=40 min, MinAge=5.
Extreme Tunnel: VR=100 m, D=2 h, MinAge=7.
Adventure Tunnel: L=50 m, D=2 h, MinAge=7.
Photography: discouraged
Accessibility: no
Address: Grutas de Xoxafi, Domicilio Conocido S/N El Palmar, 42623 Santiago de Anaya, Hidalgo, Tel: +52-772-112-1832. E-mail:
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Grutas de Xoxafi is a sorte of adventure and extreme sport venue, which actually uses a cave and other things for this. They offer various rides like a zip line across the rain forest. And this nonsense where you shoot paintballs at frieds, which they call gotcha. As far as we know the common term is paintball. And they offer three cave trekking tours of different style and difficulty. What they do not offer are real show cave tours. It's not only the fact that there is no light, the sportive aspect is the goal. That's why we classified this as a wild cave, not a show cave.

The Basic Tunnel tour is like a normal cave trekking tour and means normal caving equipment without climbing gear. The obstacles are narrow and low passages, and sections with climbing across huge block. The reward are huge halls which are full of speleothems.

The Extreme Tunnel tour descends more than 100 m deep, and includes crossing a huge cavern on a 30 m long zip line. It also includes a 20 m deep rappel in free fall. But the biggest challenge is called soldier's step or tight rope. This seems to be a caving trip including the vertical stuff and some theme-park-nonsense. But obviously there are people who book it.

The Adventure Tunnel is a different section of the cave and includes a 12 m and 44 m rappel. Once you start the descent, you will not be able to return.