Grotte de Beaussac

Useful Information

Location: Near Beaussac.
Open: Only on certain days during summer.
07-JUL-2014 9:30-13:30, 12:30-16:30.
28-JUL-2014 9:30-13:30, 12:30-16:30.
01-AUG-2014 9:30-13:30, 12:30-16:30.
25-AUG-2014 9:30-13:30, 12:30-16:30.
Fee: Adults EUR 13, Children (0-7) not allowed.
Groups (3+): Adults EUR 12.
Groups (12+): Adults EUR 10.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: A=135 m asl.
Guided tours:
Photography: Allowed
Accessibility: No
Address: Grotte de Beaussac, syndicat d'initiative du canton de Mareuil, 1 Le Bourg, 24340 Beaussac, Tel: +33-553-058063, Tel: +33-553-056241. E-mail: contact E-mail: contact
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2014 cave trekking tours opened to the public.


The Grotte de Beaussac (Cave of Beaussac) was named after the nearby village Beaussac. It is a nice wild cave, which is rather easy to visit. The main passage is a horizontal river passage, created by flowing water with a typical keyhole profile. There are some pools of water, up to 60 cm deep, so participants might get wet.

Cave Trekking tours are offered into the cave, showing the natural heritage, the cave genesis, speleothems, cave fauna and prehistoric remains. Those tours are called grotte pédagogique (cave school) and are said to be a unique concept in France. The concept is simple: instead of allowing people to visit caves uncontrolled, the visitors are guided and the problems of caves are explained. Thus people learn from the beginning how to behave in cave in order to protect them. This concept is actually an idea from the United States, and replaces the old system of sacrifice caves. The guides speak only French.

General advice for cave trekking tours: Bring old clothes which might get dirty, rubber boots, a helmet with headlamp if available, at least two light sources with spare batteries, and gloves. Bring spare clothes to change afterwards and big plastic bags for the dirty cave gear. We recommend an overall if available, otherwise old jeans and and a fleece jacket will do.