Las Cuevas de K'an Ba

Cuevas de K’anba

Useful Information

Location: Posada Las Marias, near Lanquín.
At the road from Rio Cahabon to Semuc Champey.
(15.537628, -89.955361)
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: provided
Dimension: L=3,300 m.
Guided tours: D=2 h, L=400 m.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Las Cuevas de K'an Ba, Posada Las Marías, Semuc Champey, Tel: no.
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2004 cave explored by cavers from the USA.
MAR-2005 survey completed.


The Cuevas de K'an Ba is located near the inn Posada Las Marias. The landlord of the inn is also owner of the cave and developed the new show cave. The famous tourist site KarstSemuc Champey is only 15 minutes walk away, and the hotel organizes both trips to the pools at Semuc Champey and into the cave. It is a so called eco hotel, does not have telefone, no electricity during the day and the showers are always cold. But it is rather cheap and recommended very much by many travellers. Probably because of the daily dinners, with music and dance.

The cave is an impressive river passage, typically between five and ten meters wide and rather high. The water is warm and slowly moving, so visits are rather enjoyable. Although the cave is more than three kilometers long, only the first 200 m are visited on the guided tours. Afterwards the visitors can float the 500 m to the inn on inner tubes.

The cave was explored and surveyed by local Guatemalan cavers, which were supported by cavers from the United States.