Pesterii Topolnita

Topolnita Cave

Useful Information

Location: At the southern border of Romania, 14 km from the danube, north-east of Orsova.
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=20,500 m, VR=127 m.
Guided tours:
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Pesterii Topolnita (Caves of Topolnita) is actually a system of caves, loosing streams, and resurgences. So the plural is actually correct. The whole system is called sistemului carstic Topolnita (Topolnita hydrokarstic system) and is located on the Mehedinti Plateau in the Sohodol Valley. The main structure is a river which enters a cave, flows underground for some 600 m and reappears in a spring called Gaura lui Ciocardie, which is actually a narrow gorge or roofless cave. There are other streams entering the system and various caves.

The Topolnita cave system is at the moment [2011] the fourth longest cave of Romania. A part of it is used for touristic purposes. There are cave trekking trips through the gorge and cave, which require wet suits and helmets with headlamps. You actually should call the canyoning trips. There are also trips into the dry fossil parts.