Inland Sea

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Gozo Inland Sea.
© Tony Oldham, 21-FEB-2002, with kind permission.
Location: Dwejra Point is 5.5 km west of Victoria. Bus 91.
Open: no restrictions
Fee: free
Classification: sea cave.
Light: not necessary
Guided tours:
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Just inland from the Azure Window is a large lake of emerald-coloured sea water surrounded by high limestone cliffs and linked to the sea via a narrow tunnel. Even in rough weather, the roomy shingle beach provides a sheltered spot for sun bathing. In calm weather, fishing boats can be hired for a trip through the tunnel to the Azure Window and caves in the adjoining cliffs. On the hills above are a series of caves which housed Malta's earliest inhabitants. According to legend a rich Gozo family lived in one of these caves during the Turkish invasion, and they remained there in safety until one of their own Turkish servants betrayed them to the enemy. The place is said to be near the top of the cliffs, but difficult to find.

Text by Tony Oldham (2002). With kind permission.

The cave connecting the "Inland Sea" with the Mediterranean was formed as a karst cave during the last cold phase of the Ice Ages. Blue clay is the foundation of the limestone, and is impermeable to the ground water. The water flew above the impermeable layer towards the sea, using pre existing fault lines and forming caves. When the climate became warmer, the ice caps and glaciers melted and the sea level rose world wide, even in the Mediterranean. So the formerly normal karst cave was filled with sea water flowing into the cave from the lower end. A collapse of the ceiling, a doline, now forms the famous pool of sea water.