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Location: Near Iggesund. In Iggesund turn off E4 into Radhusgatan towards east, cross railroad, turn left into Bodarnevägen, through the village Bodarne, after 1 km to the left. Signposted.
Open: JUL to OCT. [2007]
Classification: Speleologytectonic cave
Light: none, bring electric torch
Dimension: L=2,633 m.
Guided tours:
Bibliography: E. Kurzman (1992): Die Bodagrottorna - Besuch in Schwedens länster Granithöhle, Höhlenkundliche Mitt Volk 48 (4) 81-82, April 1992
Rabbe Sjoberg (1986): Caves Indicating Neotectonic Activity in Sweden, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography, Vol. 68, No. 4 (1986), pp. 393-398
Address: Bodagrottorna, 82060 Delsbo, Tel: +46-650-70492.
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Bodagrottorna is one of those rare and extraordinary tectonic caves of Sweden. As it is a country with very little limestones, but many crystalline rocks, there arre not many caves at all. But on the other hand, Skandinavia is the place where the glaciers were born during the Ice Age, and so 3 km thick ice layers impressed even rocks. The result are caves formed by rock movement, so called tectonic caves. The rocks moved often just by the release from the enormous weight of the ice ina an exptremely short period of time (geologically speaking).

Bodagrottorna is an sort of maze between huge rocks, cracks and clefts which connect to the impressive size of 2.6 km. The map of this cave is typical, many narrow, high and straight passages, often directing into the same directions.

This is not a show cave, and so there is no chance to see the cave with electric light. But the main passages are big enough, so you can explore them with a good torch (or better two). There is also a local guide, who will guide you after prior arrangement.