Prax Eishöhle


Useful Information

Location: Near Maria Kirchenthal, above Sankt Martin bei Lofer. Loferer Steinberge.
From Maria Kirchenthal walk up the Schärdingersteig towards the Großes Ochsenhorn for about 2.5 hours. Located at 1,650 m asl in the east flank of a mountan ridge which runs north from the Großes Ochsenhorn.
Open: During summer, weather permitting, after appointment.
Fee: Adults EUR 88.
Minimum age 15.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: helmet and headlamp provided.
Dimension: A=1,650 m asl, T=2 °C, L=1,000 m, VR=200 m.
Guided tours: L=2,000 m, VR=200 m, D=2.5 h.
Accessibility: No
Address: Prax Eishöhle, Mag. Karoline Meiberger, Kirchentalstr. 169, 5092 St.Martin/Lofer, Tel: +43-650-2202749. E-mail: contact
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The Prax Eishöhle (Prax Ice Cave) is a through cave through a mountain ridge which runs north from the Großes Ochsenhorn. The second entrance of the cave is in the middle of a steep cliff called schwarze Wand (Black Wall). It offers a great view on the Breithorn and the von Schmidt-Zabierow-Hütte, the only mountaineer hut in the Loferer Steinberge. However, the way down through the almost vertical cliff requires a lot of climbing experience, so the cave visitors go back through the cave.

The walk to the cave entrance goes up 800 height meters and takes some 2.5 hours. The cave itself is very cold, contains some ice, stooping, crawling, climbing and some mud. The 1,000 m through the cave equal a climb of 200 m to the upper entrance at 1,850 m asl. The same tour back plus the descent from the cave to the valley makes this a seven or eight hour day tour. The tour is pretty strenuous and requires physical fitness and a little climbing experience. Helmets, headlamps and gloves are provided. Personal caving gear is recommended, at least bring old clothes for the tour.