Ust-Kanskaya Cave - Ust'-Kanskaya Cave

Useful Information

Location: Ust-Kansky valley, region Altai. 4 km southeast of village Ust-Kan, on the right bank of the Tcharysh river (Tschrysch river). On the Beliy Kamen (White Stone Mountain).
Open: no restrictions [2006]
Fee: free [2006]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: none, bring own
Dimension: A=1,084 m asl.
Guided tours:
Bibliography: S. I. Rudenko (1960): Paleolithic Site in Ust'-Kanskaya Cave, Mater. Inst. Antropol., No. 79, 104?125 (1960).
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Ust-Kansky Cave is a well-known, multi-layered Stone Age site, located in the Charysh River valley of the Gorny Altai, Russia. On this site is the butchery of a small number of fairly complete bovid and equid carcasses by Neanderthals is documented. This proves that Neanderthal settled around the transition from Middle to Upper Paleolithic in Siberia. Actually the remains in the cave cover a time span between 50,000 and 20,000 years BP. The archeological findings are on display in the Hermitage museum.