Cova Del Llop Marí

Cueva del Lobo Marino - Cave of the Sea Wolf

Useful Information

Location: Hospitalet, Tarragona.
Camí de la Muntanya del Torn, 43890, Tarragona, Spanien. A-7 exit L'Hospitalet N-340 3.5 km, turn right to beach parking lot.
(40.964089, 0.887235)
Open: no restrictions.
Kayak Tour: 15-JUN to 15-SEP daily 10.
Fee: free.
Kayak Tour: Adults EUR 45, Children (15-17) EUR 35, Children (7-14) EUR 30.
Classification: SpeleologySea Cave
Light: n/a
Guided tours: self guided.
Kayak Tour: D=2.5 h, MinAge=7
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Cova Del Llop Marí, 43890 L'Hospitalet de l'Infant, Tarragona.
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The Cova Del Llop Marí (Sea Wolf Cave) is a sea cave which is used as a beach. The point is that there is a beach inside the small sea cave which widens behind the entrance portal. The size of the beach changes with the tide, so it is bigger during low tide.

The cave is not developed, it's a natural cave, but during normal weather it is easy to reach and a really secluded place. There several ways to reach the cave, the easiest is to swim the 50 m from the next beach. There are also kayak tours offered along the coast, which include this cave. And of course you can bring your own kayak or inflatable boat.

From the coastal road N-340 there is a paved road across the hill to the beach parking. From here it's a short walk across the railroad track to the beach with the characteristic sea stack Illot del Torn. Keep right and from the end of the beach you must swim. It's a 250 m swim to a small cove called Cala de la roca del Torn, which you can also walk on rather rough trails. Or, if you are very careful, you can follow the railroad tracks. From here it's a 50 m swim to the cave.