Blue Eye


Useful Information

Location: Near Palmeira, Island of Sal.
Open: No restrictions. [2014]
Fee: Free. Guides: CVE 1-2. [2014]
Classification: Speleologylava tube
Light: n/a, bring appropriate cave diving gear
Guided tours:
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Blue Eye or Buracona (large hole) is a lava tube, which is currently destroyed by the erosion of the sea. The collapsed cave has an opening to the sea and a second opening to the surface, right off the shore. As a result the cave is filled with sea water and full of corals and reef animals. The water in the cave show tides, as it is connected directly with the sea.

The opening allows sunlight to fall on the sea water and light it with a deep blue colour. The result is breathtaking, despite it is just a little sunlight, and is a reason why this place is so popular. But in order to see the sun beam falling into the water, you have to visit the site in a rather small time frame around midday.

There is only a little development at this place, so it is possible to hire guides. There are organized diving tours into the pool too, the dives through the cave into the open sea should by done in groups only. But actually it is simply a popular bathing spot, which is open to the public. The sea water is deep below the surface, the way down is a little tricky and requires climbing. Flip flops - which are a typical footwear on the island - are actually not very good for this climb.

Sal is an island located in the northeast of the island group. It is named Sal (Portuguese for salt) because it has salt deposits.