Lipci Cave

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Location: Lipci, near Risan
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave KarstCollapsed Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:
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Lipci Cave is actually a partly collapsed cave ruin, or probably a gorge. It is famous for its prehistoric paintings showing two hunters on horses in movement, throwing a spear on five stags and one doe. There are also geometric patterns. The pictures were engraved with flintstone into the limestone rock.

Their age is unknown, but they seem to be of Mesolithic origin, probably around 10,000 years old. There are more similar engravings and other remains of this age known from the area. In other words, the archaeologists know the area was inhabited around 10,000 BP because of archaeological evidence which was datable, but engravings are not, so they just guess they were made while the area was inhabited.

Lipci Cave is located above the small village Lipci, above the Boka Kotorska, a sort of irregular fjord intruding into the Montenegro mountains. Lipci is a small village only 4.5 km south west of Risan. To find it follow the old coast road towards Risan, and turn left at the first possibility in Lipci. Follow the road to the end, then the trail uphill. Alternatively there is a parking possibility at the new road and a trail down towards the cave.