Castello di Mezzocorona

Castello di San Gottardo - Höhlenschloß Kronmetz

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the castle as seen from the window of my room in Hotel Drago, Mezzocorona.
Location: Mezzocorona (Kronmetz), between Bozen/Bolzano and Trento/Trentin. Leave Brennero Motorway A22 at exit Mezzocorona, turn right to Mezzocorona. Following the main road through the town towards Mezzo.
Open: n/a
Fee: n/a
Classification: SubterraneaCave Castle
Light: none
Guided tours:
Address: n/a
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1480 abandoned, inhabitants moved to Castle Firmian.


the view over Piana Rotaliana to the south from a spot just below castle Mezzocorona.
vineyards in the Rotaliana plain, some buildings of Mezzocorona and the cave castle in the middle of the image.

In the valley of the Adige (Etsch) river, the small village Mezzocorona (Kronmetz) is located. The Castello di San Gottardo is located above the village and the Piana Rotaliana (Rotaliana plain), the plain area north of Trentino. The view from the castle is extraordinary, and the position of the castle in a cave in the cliff face is almost inaccessible for enemies.

However, it seems life in the castle was a little strenuous, so the owners abandoned it very early in 1480 and moved to a less secure but more comfortable castle.

Today the castle is just a ruin, some demolished walls sitting in the cliff face just above Mezzocorona. There seems to be no path up to the ruin and so it is not possible to visit it. The closest look is possible from the road Mezzocorona to Mezzo. At the old hydroelectric power station is a possibility to stop the car and have a look at the ruin.

Although the castle is not accessible, the view from below is rather impressive. So if you are travelling through the Adige valley, you should definitely spend the hour (or less) to get there and have a look. If you plan a holiday in South Tyrolia (which definitely is a good idea) it is a must on a day trip to this area.