San Carlos Cave

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Location: Penablanca Town, Province of Cagayan
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave SpeleologyRiver cave
Light: bring own torch
Guided tours:  
Address: San Carlos Cave, Department of Tourism, Regional Office No. 02, 2nd Floor, Supermarket Building, Bonifacio Street, 3500 Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Tel: +63-78-844-1621, Fax: +63-78-846-2435.
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San Carlos Cave is a true cave trekking cave which is highly technical. Highlight of the tour is a chamber called Ice Cream Parlor, which contains a cluster of white stalagmites which resemble scooped ice cream. The John the Baptist chamber has a sump where it is necessary to take a deep breath and swim to the other side, hence the name.

Participants should know caving techniques and bring their own equipment. The tour includes a lot of crawling and wading in an subterranean stream. We strongly recommend helmet, headlamp, additional lamps, good shoes, gloves and kneepads. Old clothes or caving overall and fresh clothes to change afterwards are also a good idea, as well as a plastic bag for the dirty clothes and a towel. We also recommend to book a cave trekking tour from one of the operators.