Useful Information

Location: Trollegater Nature Reserve.
Road 34 between Linköping and Kisa, from the roundabout in Rimforsa signposted.
(58.146308, 15.572273)
Open: No restrictions.
Tours: JUL to mid-AUG Wed, Sun 16.
Fee: free.
Tours: Adults SEK 100, Children (-15) SEK 70, Family (2+2) SEK 300.
Private Tours: Adults SEK 120, Children (-15) SEK 70, Minimum SEK 2,500.
Classification: SpeleologyNeotectonic Cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: Stora Grottan: L=110 m.
Trollgränd: L=12 m.
Hästskon: L=25 m.
Långa hålet: L=25 m.
Guided tours: self guided. Tours: Max=30.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Trollegater, Östergötland County Administrative Board, Tel: +46-10-223-50-00. E-mail:
Kinda Tourist Office, Tel: +46-494-194-10. E-mail:
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1980 nature reserve created.


Trollegater is the area where most caves of Östergötlands Län are located, so it is not the name of a single cave but the name of the area. According to legend, the caves are home to Trolls, so you should be careful when visiting them. The Stora Grottan (Great Cave) is one of Sweden's largest caves. It starts with a narrow passage which leads to a small chamber, on the other side two passages start which meet again at the far end. The cave has several places where visitors can stand upright, but it requires a lot of stooping. Trollgränd is a small cave with a narrow entrance. Jojes hål (Joje's Hole) is another small cave with a single 6 m² chamber which is rather low, only small persons are able to stand upright. Other caves are Grytet, Metkroken, Hästskon, Långa hålet.

The small nature reseve has a huge parking lot for cars and busses. At the car park there are information signs about the reserve, rest area with coffee table, barbecue area and firewood. A 200 m long hiking trail with orange markings is leading up to the caves. There is another barbecue area at the caves. There are numerous cracks and gorges in the rocks, and numerous small caves. The site is a great adventure for children. The cave visits require clothes which may get dirty, good walking shoes, helmet and headlamp. If you do not want to visit them self guided, Kinda tourism organizes guided tours in Trollegater during July and August twice weekly. Groups can book additional tours.