Caverna 54

Cavern Santa Elena

Useful Information

Location: Vallemi, San Lázaro Concepción.
(-22.110370, -57.941200)
Open: After appointment.
Fee: yes.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Caverna 54
Franartour, Tel: +595-351-230-052, Tel: +595-971-929-556, Tel: +595-984-817-664.
Arvatur, Tel: +595-351-230-657, Tel: +595-985-170-952, Tel: +595-976-815-062.
Ikatu Adventure Tourism, Tel: +595-986-363-324, Tel: +595-984-473-199.
Vallemí Tour, Tel: +595-971-856-680.
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The Caverna 54 (Cave 54) is a wild cave, but there are local guides who organize cave trekking tours. The whole area is full of caves, this is one of four which are used for cave trekking. From the parking at the end of the road it's less than 200 m to the cave. The entrance is gated with a web of iron chains, probably to avoid animals falling into the cave. The entrance is a pothole or karstfenster, the floor of the cave about 6 m below ground. The cave actually has numerous karstfensters, so large parts of the cave have some daylight and there are roots of plants growing into the cave Inside there are several small climbs which are equipped with iron ladders. There are so many caves in the area, that the cavers finally ran out of names, and so they gave this cave the name 54 because it has cadastre number 54.