Twilight Caverne

Twilight Cavern

Useful Information

Location: Dubreuil, Plaine des Roches, Mauritius. (PR18-30-31)
(-20.3, 57.5833)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: Speleologylava tube
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=570 m.
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Twilight Caverne
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APR-1991 surveyed by the Spéléo-Club Nivernibou, France.
14-AUG-1998 survey of extension by Greg Middleton.


The Twilight Caverne is a lava tube located in the non-existent Plaine des Roches Lava Caves National Park. This park was suggested by Greg Middleton in 1998, but unfortunately never established. The Twilight Caverne was intended as a tourist destination, a semi-wild cave with guided tours or even a show cave. There were speculations about electric light and elevated trails. The cave was made accessible by footpaths and cleaned from rubbish, but that's the full extend of development. Other caves on the island have become the mayor tourist draws.

Twilight Caverne consists of a simple lava tube averaging about 12 metres in diameter and 570 m long, with a number of daylight holes. The cave currently ends at a collapse, the idea was to open an artificial exit for the cave tour by simply removing debris. If you are adventurous you might explore the cave on your own, if you obey the basic caving rules. Bring a helmet and headlamp, wear walking shoes, do not go alone, and tell somebody where you went. The best idea would probably be to hire one of the numerous local guides. Your hotel concierge might help with that.

Twilight Cavernes was named after the numerous large collapses in the ceiling, which are responsible that the cave is actually not dark, there is twilight in most parts. The light beams and the tree roots also make the cave extremely photogenic. It is the largest known roost of the endemic Mascarene Free-tailed Bat (Mormopterus acetabulosus). In 2005 the bats covered an area of 57 m² with a population between 57,000 and 173,000 individuals (its not possible to determine the numbers more accurate).

Other nearby caves like Camp Thorel Lava Cave are not open for the public.