Weathercote Cave

by Thomas Langdale

Weathercote Cave by J.m. W. Turner R.A. (*1775-✝1851).

WEATHERCOTE-CAVE or COAVE, in the wapentake of Ewcross; 10 miles from Hawes.

This is a stupendous subterranean Cataract, in a huge Cave, the top of which is on a level with the adjoining lands. On approaching its brink, the stranger is equally astonished with the sublime and terrible. The margin is surrounded with trees and shrubs, which have an excellent effect, both in guarding and ornamenting the steep and rugged precipices, on every side. The Cave is divided in two, by a rugged and grotesque arch of limestone rock. The whole length, from north to south, is about sixty yards; and the breadth, about thirty. At the south end, is the entrance down into the little Cave; on the right of which, is a subterranean passage, under the rocks, into the great Cave; where the astonished stranger sees, with amazement, an immense cataract, issuing from a large cavity in the rock, sufficient to turn several mills, falling twenty-five yards, in an unbroken sheet, on the rock at the bottom, with a noise that amazes the most intrepid ear. The water disappears at it falls, amongst the rocks and pebbles; running, by a subterranean passage, about a mile. The Cave is filled with the spray that arises from the water dashing against the bottom; and, from ten to twelve o'clock in the forenoon, when the sun shines bright, a small vivid rainbow appears, which, for colour, size, and situation, is perhaps nowhere else to be equalled.

Text from: A Topographical Dictionary of Yorkshire - For the year 1822, by Thomas Langdale

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