Useful Information

Location: Westhang des Großen Kohlerberges
Open: Only after appointment.
Fee: Free, donations welcome.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: no light.
Dimension: L=1,5000 m.
Guided tours:
Address: Kohlerhöhle, Walter Wutzl, Langseitenrotte 60, 3223 Wienerbruck, Tel: +43-664-5936047.
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The Kohlerhöhle is said to be the most beautiful gypsum crystal cave in the Alps. The cave contains numerous extraordinary speleothems. Beneath the gypsum there are calcite speleothems. Impressive are curtains with an exceptional red colour.

This is not a show cave, its a semi-wild cave tour. It is rather easy to visit as the passages are spacious. Nevertheless, good equipments, sturdy boots, warm clothes and lamps are necessary. The cave is guided by the owner on appointment. As this is not intended as a regular cave tour, he does not charge for the tour, but a donation to cover his expenses is definitely a good idea, especially if we hope that he will open the cave in the future.