Greig's Scenic Caves

Greig's Caves

Useful Information

Location: Wiarton, on the Bruce Peninsula. About 25 km south of Lion's Head, on Route No 9. Turn into Scenic Cave Road and follow it for 4.8 km.
Open: Adults CND 10, Children (3-12) CDN 5, Children (0-2) free.
Fee: MAY to Thanksgiving daily 9-18.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:  
Address: Greig's Scenic Caves, 407 Scenic Caves Rd., Wiarton, ON, N0H 2T0, Tel: +1-519-377-8762. E-mail: contact
Don and Lisa Greig, 109 Blue Jay Cres., R.R. #4, Markdale ON, N0C 1H0
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1926 ground with caves purchased by Charles Greig for CND 3,400.
1960s caves opened to the public, initially for an admission charge of CND 1 per car.
1971 Charles Greig died, Carrie Greig continued the business.
1981 portions of the movie Quest for Fire was filmed on location in the caves.
1986 Carrie Greig died, Jackie and Rae Greig continued the business.
1987 new entrance from the county road.
~1997 closed due to old age.
2000 inherited by Don Greig, leased and reopened.
2007 closed again.
2011 reopened by Lisa and Don Greig.


Greig's Scenic Caves consist of 12 natural sea caves in Niagara Dolomite along a one kilometer long trail first opened and named after Charles Greig. They are said to be Ontarios largest natural limestone caves. The site was a location for the movie Quest for Fire in 1981.

The caves have been operated as a tourist site by three generations of Greigs, since the 1960s. The ground was originally purchsed by Charles Greig in 1926. He showed the caves to neighbours, and when they finally became rather popular from word of mouth he began to request a small fee. At the moment the site is owned by his grandchild Don Greig, who operates the business with his wife Lisa.

There is a trail along the Niagara Escarpment where the natural caves are located. The caves are not developed, except for this rather rough trail. It is necessary to wear appropriate clothes, sturdy boots, and bring a torch. We also recommend a helmet. However, the caves are not big enough for cave trekking tours, and people who do not have a torch will see most of the caves. The visitors must sign a waiver before they enter. There is a picnic area with portable toilets, snacks and refreshments are sold. Only 10 of the original 12 caves are located on the property of Don Greig and thus only those 10 are open to the public.