Grottene i Beiarn

Beiargrotter - Løvstadgrotta

Useful Information

Location: Beiarn
Open: Closed.
Fee: Closed.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave SpeleologyRiver cave
Light: bring torch/caving gear provided
Guided tours:
Photography: Allowed
Accessibility: Not accesible
Address: Beiargrotter, 8114 Tollå, Tel: +47-4806-4034. E-mail: contact
Beiarn kommune, 8110 Moldjord, Tel: +47-7556-9000, Fax: +47-7556-9001. E-mail: contact
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1989 start of guided tours.


Grottene i Beiarn is a number of semi wild caves which are guided for tourists. This are more or less cave trekking tours of several hours length and all participants should have some physical fitness. The tours are organized by the local caving club in cooperation with the tourist bureau and the cty of Beiarn.

There are three trips offered in the area, all include several hours of walking to the cave and several hours inside the cave. Caving equipment like helmets, headlamps, overall and boot is provided.

The main cave which is visited is Løvstadgrotta (Løvstad cave), which is located right uphill of Beiarn. The walk to the cave takes only 15 minutes and the tours inside the cave can be varied depending on the abilities of the visitors. There is easy walking, a little crawling and climbing and two lakes inside the cave are crossed by boat. The tours take between two and four hours.

The tours have been operated for many years and there was a website with explanations. The domain is defunct now and the email address too, so we guess the cave tours were discontinued.