Sitton's Cave

Useful Information

Location: 122 Cloudland Canyon Park Road, Rising Fawn, GA 30738.
Cloudland Canyon State Park, Dade County. I-59 exit 11 Trenton, 13 km east on Rt 136. From LaFayette 29 km west on Rt 136.
(34.834131, -85.480823)
Open: Park: all year daily 7-22.
Office: all year daily 8-17.
Caves: APR, JUN, JUL, SEP, OCT permits & reservations required.
Fee: Per Car USD 5.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave SpeleologyRiver cave
Light: bring full equipment
Dimension: L=2,700 m, VR=9 m.
Guided tours: D=4 h.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Sitton's Cave, Cloudland Canyon State Park, 122 Cloudland Canyon Park Road, Rising Fawn, GA 30738, Dade County, Tel: +1-706-657-4050.
Reservations, Tel: 1-800-864-7275.
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1939 start of purchase by the State.


Sitton's Cave is a wild cave, which is open to the public. Located in a Georgia State Park, it is accessible, but it seems the park does not advertise the existence of the cave. The reason is easy to understand: too much publicity would increase the number of visitors and the danger of destruction and accidents.

Sitton's Cave is a cave with a rather huge entrance portal. Soon the ceiling starts to get lower and lower, until it becomes a 50 cm high muddy crawl. After the crawl the cave opens up a bit, but also the water starts. This is a river cave, which is locally called wet cave. Definitely an understatement, as you walk in cold water most of the time. The cave river is freezing, and finally a siphon is reached, which is the end for cave trekkers.

This cave has some nice formations, and the dirty crawl makes a special thrill to many visitors. But this cave is dangerous and requires appropriate equipment. Warm clothes, neoprene, overall, helmet, waterproof lamps (at least two) and rubber boots are a must. And do not forget to talk to the rangers and tell them when you intend to be back.

Cloudland Canyon State Park is mainly a deep gorge cut into the sandstone by Sitton Gulch Creek. A rim trail and the outlook at the picnic area parking lot offer spectacular views into the canyon. Another trail leads to the bottom of the 360 m deep gorge to the two waterfalls. The water emerges from the karst at Sitton's Cave and then flows through the insoluble sandstone rocks.

The locateion of the cave is not given on the official map of the park or in the flyer. There is no signposted trail either. And the coordinates we give are actually the visitor center. The idea is simple: report to the park rangers, discuss your plans, accept their advice and don't be suicidal.