Тавдинские пещеры

Taldinskij Caves - Tavdinsky Caves - Tavda Caves

Useful Information

Location: River Katun, near Tavda and Mansherok, region Altai.
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: none, bring own
Guided tours:
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Тавдинские пещеры (Taldinskij Caves) are located on the left side of the huge River Katun near Mansherok. Actually the plural is pretty acurate here, as there are dozens of caves in the rocks. The have names like Earthen Cave, Marble Cave, Cuttlefish Cave, Large Gates and Bear's Lair. The hill contains some 3,000 m of cave passages. Uphill is a natural bridge which is also worth a visit. The cave entrances offer a nice view on the river.

The small caves, natural bridges, abris and shelter have attracted man since the Palaeolithic. Archaeological excavations revealed many remains from the Stone Age. And today they are still a popular destination. The caves can easily be visited, but there is also the possibility to book guided tours.