Gruebisbalm Höhle

Grubisbalm Höhle

Useful Information

Location: Above Vitznau on 900 m asl, Rigi south side. Ascent with Rigibahn, 7 min from Vitznau, the 10 min easy walk to the cave.
Open: MAY to OCT for feasts.
Fee: Rigi-Bahn Vitznau-Gruebisbalm and back: Single CHF 18, Groups (10+) CHF 14.40.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Address: Private events: Hotel Grubisbalm, Herr Beat Schaub, CH-6354 Vitznau, Tel: +41-41-3971681, Fax: +41-41-3972170. E-mail: contact
Public feasts: Vitznau Tourismus, Tel: +41-41-3980035.
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1871 Rigi-Bahn inaugurated.
1902 lake in the cave artificially dammed.


This cave is advertised as the oldest dance arbor of Switzerland. The huge single chamber is used for celebrations for thirty years. It is owned by the landlord of the nearby Hotel Grubisbalm, and used for public feasts and private festivals. As the Rigi Bahn carries visitor uphill, and the cave is equipped with electricity and gas radiators, the cave feasts are very comfortable.

There are four public feast every summer. The current dates may be found on the website below. The cave seats about 350 people, but a reservation is recommended. At other times the cave may be booked for private events. This is free if the Hotel Grubisbalm is contracted for the food, or theres a fee otherwise.

The name Gruebisbalm is a local word which may be translated "recreation cave". The word Balm is the local word for cave, and gruebe means to rest. The explanation is easy: before the Rigi-Bahn was built, the foreign tourist visited the area by sedan, and the mules had to rest several times. This was a very popular resing place, especially on hot summer days, when the cave p