Cueva del Diabolo

Devils Cave

Useful Information

Location: From La Restinga towards after a few kilometers turn left in a right turn, signposted Tacorón (beach).
Open: only during low tide [2005]
Fee: free [2005]
Classification: Speleologylava tube Speleologysea cave
Light: none.
Guided tours:
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Cueva del Diabolo (Devils Cave) is a nice sea cave, formed by the erosion of the waves. Originally it was a lave tube, which was widened by the sea water. The cave is located right at sea level, and is accessible only during low tide.

To reach the cave follow the small sing at the parking lot of the beach Charco de Tacorón. The path follows the beach, then the vertical cliff face. It is rather bad, some parts are very narrow, good shoes and a little climbing are mandatory. After 25 minutes a strair, which is destroyed at the lower end, leads down to the sea shore where the cave is located. There is a rope which helps to climb down.

The best time to visit the cave is in the afternoon, when the sun rays, reflected by the sea, enter the cave and fill it with a strange light. The volcanic rocks inside are of an intensive red, and this gives the cave a diabolic touch, probably an explanation of the name.

The cave is horizontal and easy to visit. It is not recommended to bath inside the cave, as there are dangerous currents in the water.