Parc National de Furfooz

Useful Information

Location: At the vilage Furfooz. Valley of the river Lesse, right hand side. South of Dinant.
Open: MAR only for groups.
APR to MAY daily 10-17.
JUN to AUG daily 9-18.
SEP to OCT daily 10-17.
Fee: Adults EUR 2.50, Children (0-12) EUR 1, Students (13-25) EUR 2, Seniors (65+) EUR 2.
Groups (+): Adults EUR 2, Children (0-12) EUR 1, Students (13-25) EUR 2, Seniors (65+) EUR 2.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: n/a.
Guided tours: D=90 min.
Address: Parc National de Furfooz, Rue du Camp Romain, 5500 Furfooz, Tel: +32-82-223477, Fax: +32-81-224765. E-mail: contact
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The Parc National de Furfooz is a park located on the Montagne du Chalet and the Montagne la Fontaine, two ridges formed by the river Lesse, and a now vanished small river, which left a typical dry valley. In the rocks along the river Lesse exist various abris and caves, which were used by prehistoric man as hunting stations. The archaeological excavation sites are shown on a guided tour around the park.