Cuevas de Se'tzol

Cuevas de Setzol

Useful Information

Location: Setzol, Nuevo Chahal.
Km 360, Franja Transversal del Norte, Nuevo Chahal. At Setzol park car, 25 minutes walk.
(15.803258, -89.571041)
Open: All year daily 6-18.
Fee: Adults GTQ 35.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Guided tours:  
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Cuevas de Se'tzol, Km 360, Franja Transversal del Norte, Nuevo Chahal, Guatemala, Tel: +502-4032-4053. E-mail:
Caza Aventuras Guatemala E-mail:
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1932 caves discovered.


Cuevas de Se'tzol is a wild cave which is visited on organized trips with tire inner tubes. They once had a real websie with their own domain, but it is now defunct and they only use social media.

The small karst area has 25 caves and three of them have trails. The dry caves are guided by foot, the visitors are equipped with helmet and lamps. There are no trails and no electric light, these are cave trekking tours It is also possible but not advisable to visit the caves self-guided.

In the nearby town Nuevo Chahal is the Museo Chahal Y Cueva. It is a good starting point and offers information about the caves and organizes guides. The tours are offered by the Caza Aventuras Guatemala on appointment.