Taniwha Cave

Dragon's Cave Rafting

Useful Information

Location: Near Greymouth.
Open: All year daily 8:15 and 13:15.
Fee: Basic trip per person NZ$ 105.
With Abseiling Entry Option per person NZ$ 185.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave BiologyGlow Worm
Light: none.
Guided tours:  
Address: Wild West Adventure Company, Clifton Road, Greymouth, Tel/Fax +64-3768-6649 or Freephone (within NZ) 0800-22-3456, Fax: +64-3768-9149. E-Mail: contact
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Taniwha Cave is a sort of water sports experience. The cave is visited by inner tubes, which are used to float on the cave river. The cave has plenty of glow worms, and the tube floats give visitors the chance to have a close look.

This underground rafting is called black water rafting instead of white water rafting, to tell it happens underground, in an unlighted cave.

Taniwha (pronounced "TUHN-i-fuh") is a dragon from Maori legends, who is said to have lived in a cave. So Taniwha cave may be translated into Dragons Cave. For the Maori people there are many Taniwha (plural!), who are mythical water creatures. They are guardians of the deep, their role is protector, they live in deep pools in rivers, dark caves, or in the sea.